Sowers congratulated Mariupol City Council on the Old New Year

14 January 2022, 13:23

Today, on the Day of Basil the Great, students of school No. 66 and pupils of the Center for Social Support for Children and Families "Wings of Hope" have congratulated Mariupol City Council on the Old New Year. The children were met by mayor Vadym Boichenko and his deputies, as well as the secretary of the city council Ksenia Sukhova.

The children sang folk songs and Christmas carols in Ukrainian embroidered shirts. After that, the guests generously sowed wheat grain and wished prosperity and goodness for the whole year.

In turn, Vadym Boichenko and deputies of the mayor appreciated the children for the congratulations and presented them with gifts.

“Your attention is important to us. You came to us with the idea to wish prosperity and happiness. It's nice that you remember the old traditions and bring a good mood to all of us," Vadym Boichenko said.