Smart energy: An energy service company to be created in Mariupol

26 January 2022, 14:08
Ecology, Housing and Utilities Infrastructure, Sessions of the city council

Today, the deputies of the city council have supported the draft decision on the creation of a new utility company - "Mariupol ESCO". This is the first service company that will implement energy efficiency measures and support investment projects. It will make Mariupol an example of energy efficiency for the whole of Ukraine.

Director of the Energy Projects Management Department Konstantin Pismarev said that the goal of the municipal company is to ensure the conditions of international partners in providing investments and implementing projects, reducing energy consumption and replacing them with a green alternative. It is reasonable energy, service, quality and economy.

“Today, in the conditions of the gas market, the formation of gas prices changes every month. Thus, the market price for gas over the past year has increased by more than five times. In order to reduce costs from the budget, it becomes necessary to attract extra-budgetary sources of financing for the thermal modernization of buildings in the public sector. There is a need to create a utility company,” he explained.

To date, there are approximately 275 buildings of public property in Mariupol. With the systematic implementation of energy efficient measures and the use of renewable energy sources, it will be possible to save from UAH 80 to 100 million every year.

The main tasks of Mariupol ESCO until 2025 are to reduce the consumption of thermal energy, electricity in public sector buildings, the size of payments, the use of renewable energy sources, as well as improving the architectural appearance and comfort of these institutions to European standards.

Konstantin Pismarev noted that similar projects exist in European countries, Kiev and Dnipro. The director of the department added that negotiations are underway with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to implement projects that will allow Mariupol to create an energy-efficient model for the development of the city. For the first time in Ukraine, a municipal company will implement projects for the construction of energy facilities using renewable energy sources. Thus, Mariupol takes another step towards the formation and development of the "Green City".