First Deputy Mayor Mykhailo Kohut is vaccinated against the coronavirus

30 April 2021, 13:00

Mykhailo Kohut has been vaccinated against Covid-19 at Primary Health Center No.2. Before the vaccination, the doctor examined the first deputy mayor and checked his body temperature.

‘I urge each of you to take responsibility for your life and take care of the lives of loved ones. The more people are vaccinated, the faster we will defeat the pandemic. It depends on each of us. I know what it is. I have contracted the coronavirus twice and I don't want to,’ Mykhailo Kohut, the first deputy mayor said.

In turn, the director of Primary Health Center No.2 Yevhen Matveev told: ‘Vaccination is carried out all over the world from 18 years. And the vaccine, which was brought to Mariupol, is quite safe, because it has been tested by expert centers. Their developers carry out all the necessary stages of verification and testing. All vaccines sent to Ukraine are approved by the World Health Organization’.

It is worth noting, Mariupol is the leader in the field of vaccination. This week, 6,400 doses of the Chinese-made vaccine were brought to the city. Immunization of the population is being continued!