Work projects of construction and repairs are approved at the executive committee

18 October 2019, 16:18
Society, Meetings of the Executive Committee

A meeting of the executive committee has been held in Mariupol. The members of the executive committee approved work projects for the reconstruction of the premises for an inclusive resource center and the construction of a site with vandal-proof simulators based at  the City Lyceum.

According to the head of the capital construction department Galina Sheichenko, the project for the reconstruction of kindergarten No. 120 for an inclusive resource center foresees the re-planning of existing premises, changing their functional purpose, replacing heating, ventilation, water supply and sewage systems and landscaping of the surrounding area. The total cost of reconstruction is almost UAH 120 million.

They also approved the project for the construction of a sports ground with anti-vandal simulators at the City Lyceum. He envisaged the creation of a modern sports infrastructure with the installation of basketball backboards and the installation of outdoor lighting. It is planned to allocate more than UAH 500 thousand for work.

In addition, members of the executive committee supported the decision to include an apartment in Kievskaya Street in the social housing fund. They want to transfer it to a family of four. Svetlana Shtenda, director of the asset management department, said that they had transferred their one-room apartment to communal ownership. In return, they will be provided with a two-room apartment.