International cooperation: The school in Staryi Krym to be repaired in a fundamental way

16 June 2020, 14:38
Society, Education

Mariupol specialized school № 46 with in-depth study of Modern Greek language is ready to be repaired in a fundamental way. Thus, tendering procedures have been held and the contractor will start the repairs after negotiation of the agreement. The school is located in Staryi Krym township.

Mariupol City Council drew grant agreement with Nordic Environment Finance Corporation  (NEFCO) to realize this project in October last year. According to its conditions, it has become possible to attract EUR 600 000 from international grantors to finance the actions concerning the raise of energy efficiency. In turn, the rest works are planned to be financed by means of the city council according to design and estimate documentation.

The project has to make major repair works, to insulate the roof and the facade of the building, to change window and door units, to repair internal premises, to change utility connections and improve the territory.

It is worth noting, the school in the township is one of the centers of social, cultural and sports life as well as the center of national and cultural education.