Mikheil Saakashvili opens the Office of Simple Solutions in Mariupol

10 June 2021, 13:24

Mikheil Saakashvili, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the National Council of Reforms of Ukraine, has attended the opening of the Office of Simple Decisions and Results. He started working at the Beetroot academy. Its task is to lobby the interests of the city at the national level.

Mikheil Saakashvili said that together with the people's deputies they assessed, first of all, the tourist potential of the city. We visited the embankment and got acquainted with the concept of its reconstruction.

‘Together with the deputies of the inter-factional association, we want to help Mariupol become a city attractor for all of Ukraine. The city has tremendous tourism potential. We must make everyone not interfere with the opening of the airport. There should be an airport here by the end of the year. This is our first goal,’ the chairman of the committee said.

Mikheil Saakashvili added that they have already agreed with the Minister of Infrastructure to repair the Mariupol-Berdyansk road. In addition, the office will facilitate the formation of a consortium of private business and municipal authorities.

Deputy Mayor Serhii Orlov stressed that such assistance will contribute to the implementation of large-scale projects.

‘A few years ago, we could not even dream of such projects. Tourism, renovated embankments, airport. These are important initiatives that I am confident will become a reality. Mariupol will receive a new round of development,’ he noted.

After the opening of the office, Saakashvili met with business representatives. Deputy Mayor Olexander Kochurin presented the main components of the plan to transform the city into a tourism cluster.

‘Our main value and potential is the sea. We are planning to renovate three beach areas. They should become a major tourist magnet. However, they must be full. We identified the following components: large-scale cultural events, the creation of the largest water park in Ukraine and the opening of an amusement park,’ the deputy mayor said.

Olexander Kochurin noted that there are plans to strengthen other points of development. In particular, to update the old part of the city, infrastructure and promote the development of the hotel and restaurant business.