Mikhail Kohut holds a personal reception of citizens

12 August 2020, 14:26
Society, Housing and Utilities Infrastructure

First Deputy Mayor Mikhail Kohut has held a personal reception of citizens. It was conducted in compliance with restrictive measures. Mostly residents of Mariupol asked for help in solving issues related to the housing stock.

There was a resident of 21 Metallurgov Avenue among them. She asked for help in repairing the facade of the house. According to her, there is an urgent need to restore the upper and middle ledges, the basement of the house and paint.

The residents of the house in 158 Granitnaya Street also asked to speed up the solution of the issue of roof repair. They said that there are places on the roof where water flows during the rain.

During the reception, all questions were studied in detail. Structural divisions have been given appropriate instructions. Mikhail Kohut noted thatl there is an effective way to manage the housing stock - condominiums in Mariupol. To date, almost 900 houses have been transferred to the associations.

“Within the framework of condominiums, residents have reliable tools that help solve pressing issues of house renovation. For our part, we are implementing a Support Program, within the framework of which we provide assistance to associations. The problems of the housing stock will be solved in stages and in a comprehensive manner, ” Mikhail Kohut noted.