Tourists from 27 countries visited Mariupol "Vezha"

05 January 2022, 10:08

In 2021, Vezha cultural and tourist center received more than 18 thousand visitors. 28% of them are from other cities of Ukraine, and 6% are foreigners.

"Vezha" was visited by tourists from 24 regions of our country. The largest percentage was made up of residents of Kiev and Zaporizhzhia regions. The most frequent visitors were residents of Germany, Poland and Georgia among the foreigners. In addition to residents of European countries, the cultural and tourist center was also visited by guests from the USA, Canada, Australia, China, India and Japan.

Over the past year, Vezha employees conducted 621 excursions, which were attended by 2994 people. The most popular excursions are:

Historical walk around Mariupol

Hidden sights of Mariupol

Boat trip

"Wines of the Azov region" city tour

Warm walk with coffee. The estates of prominent Mariupol residents.

In addition, 75 events were held. More than 4 thousand souvenirs have been sold. So we can say with confidence that "Vezha" is not only a historical landmark of the city, but also a tourist attraction of Mariupol.