Mariupol square to be an epicenter of green exotics

10 July 2020, 11:38

In Mariupol, reconstruction of Freedom Square and Peace is ongoing. The new recreation area will become a tourist magnet and a green garden of plants. Magnolia Daphne, tulip tree, sakura and Japanese spirea are just a small list of 38 species planned to be planted. Mayor Vadym Boichenko personally familiarized himself with the progress of work and the construction of new infrastructure facilities.

All dismantling works have already been completed on the square, underground utilities have been replaced and an irrigation system has been equipped. The contractor also mounts outdoor lighting and a multifunctional stage is under construction. The concept of the facility is unique. It resembles the structure of a part of the amphitheater, at the same time it can perform the functions of both the stage and the auditorium. Finishing work is underway to equip the sanitary zone and the Food hall.

‘A modern and transforming space, uniting Mariupol members of different ages and generations. It is a place for bright events and creative flash mobs. The epicenter of the cultural life of Mariupol and the green garden - all this will unite in one square. Mariupol residents actively participated in discussions on landscaping and square design. This is our joint project, the final of which we will see soon. This is the result of well-coordinated work,’
Vadym Boichenko stressed.

The total project cost is about UAH 180 million. Sources of financing are city and regional budgets. In total, about 3.5 thousand trees, flowers and shrubs are planned to be planted on the square. 12 thousand square meters of lawn roll were covered. The arched fountain is already mounted for 100%.