Mariupol and UNICEF sign ‘Children and Youth Friendly Community’ Memorandum of cooperation

12 September 2018, 13:15

Today Mariupol City Council and the Delegation of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine have signed Memorandum of cooperation within the framework of ‘Friendly gromada to children and youth’ global program. The Mayor Vadim Boichenko admitted that cooperation will help to implement new and ambitious projects aimed to develop the younger generation of Mariupol citizens.

More than 160 cities and united territorial communities of all Ukraine said about their wish to join the global initiative of UNICEF. Mariupol has taken the first 20 municipalities that are leaders in implementation of the initiative and get technical support of UNICEF. A conclusion of Memorandum is also the first step to get an official status of ‘Friendly Gromada to Children and Youth’.

‘I am sure that Mariupol will have a palm of victory and it will have a status of a friendly city to children and youth. Today we open a new page of our city and we form new opportunities for the younger generation. We will go in this direction with UNICEF. Successful projects, that have been planned, will strengthen a potential of Mariupol. They will give a possibility to create a city of hope for our youth’,
Vadim Boichenko admitted.

According to the Mayor, a conclusion of Memorandum is a rate of trust and result of fruitful cooperation. Everything, that is done by Mariupol, is directed to create opportunities for development of children and youth in the city. Particularly, some important projects have been realized for 2.5 years with UNICEF in Mariupol. Among them there is opening of 5 Family Support Centers, ‘Social water’, 50 km of water supply tube, reconstruction of ‘Sartanskaya’ pumping station etc.

 ‘Today we have signed a memorandum gladly and honorably and it opens a new page of our partnership to support children and youth. We do not doubt that Mariupol will improve and accelerate implementation of city programs, particularly provision of social services according to children’s needs. We are sure that Mariupol will realize an initiative successfully and it will share its experience with other cities in the Eastern part of Ukraine and outside’, Laura Bill, the Deputy Head of UNICEF Representational Office in Ukraine emphasized.

The process of getting ‘Friendly gromada to children and youth’ status has a certain procedure and foresees an active attraction of children and youth. The first step is analysis of children’s state in society. Then the authorities undertake to accept an action plan that will try to create clear, safe and comfortable environment for development of the younger generation.

 ‘Program foresees strengthening, speeding up and paying an additional attention to the projects that are being realized for children and youth. It is a reflection of a convention on children rights at the local level. We understand that today municipalities have not just problems but big opportunities’, Artur Ayvazov, the head of UNICEF social programs in Ukraine said.

After implementation of an action plan, a local community will have a process of independent evaluation. In case of successful implementation of the plan, Mariupol can get ‘Friendly gromada to children and youth’ status.