Mariupol to turn into a small France

09 July 2018, 17:11
Culture, Announcements of city events

Within the framework of friendly relationships between Mariupol and the cities of France, a huge festival is going to take place in  Mariupol, it is dedicated to Bastille Day. The honorary guest of the holiday is going to be an Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of France Isabelle Dumont. The hightlight of the event will be her performance with ‘Renaissance’ chamber orchestra.

The festival starts 11 June at 17.00. This day a City Garden will turn into a small France and the streets of the city will be decorated by national flag of European country. Movie screening, photozones, a concert in a style of Moulin Rouge, tricycle and scooter races, different exhibitions and performance of street musicians will be held.

The director of cultural and social development department Diana Trima noticed that illusionist is going to work for small Mariupol citizens. Furthermore, the citizens and the quests of the city can enjoy street musical performances.The City Garden will show the exhibitions of Mariupol artists and old gramophones. There will be a street food festival for those who want to have a meal so you can follow some charm of French cuisine.

 ‘A real hightlight of the festival will become a performance of the Ambassador of France Isabelle Dumont with ‘Renaissance’ chamber orchestra. It will take place in Mariupol Chamber Philarmonia 11 July. 10 and 11 July within the framework of the festival an air movie screening of French cinema will be open in a City Garden. It starts at 20.30,’ Diana Trima stressed.