Mariupol is one-step closer to opening McDonald's

28 July 2021, 17:39

The majority of the deputies have supported the project on land management of the Greek square site at the session of the city council. It is planned to build McDonald's fast food restaurant on site. Now there is an old fountain, which has not been in operation for many years.

Attraction of one of the most famous global brands such as McDonald’s to Mariupol will be another signal for international investors. The successful implementation of large-scale projects means that it is possible to invest in the city.

They plan to build McDonald's in 2022. Its site will be convenient for pedestrians and cars, as well as safe for vacationers. The design of the building and the surrounding area will laconically fit into the architecture form of the Greek Square. It will be a modern restaurant with a terrace and a children's play area.