Mariupol 240: Water tower turns into ‘Vezha’ tourist center

29 September 2018, 19:08

Today the City Mayor Vadim Boichenko has visited the presentation of ‘Vezha’ creative space with honored guests of the city. A former water tower was reconstructed and fulfilled with new senses by the 240th anniversary of Maria’s city. The total cost is more than UAH 3.5 mln.

Internal, external works and equipment were financed by means of the city budget that is UAH 1.5 mln, UAH 390 000 by means of the region, UAH 100 000 – Metinvest group and UAH 1.5 mln were granted by ‘Bashnya’ LTD. Renewed water tower became a real present by the 240th anniversary of Mariupol. It gladdens all the citizens and the guests of the city by its beautiful facade and evening lighting.

According to the Mayor, Vezha is one the brightest tourist attractions of ‘Maria’s City’ cluster. This is a visit card and historical heritage of the city. The building needed to be repaired and to hit the reset button regarding philosophy.

Water tower turned into an open space that is interesting, cultural and modern. A tourist center, a space for communication and discussion, a coworking place and sightseeing platform with a telescope are located there. You can not only get a bird’s-eye view but also to watch the stars.  You can buy a souvenir that is a brand production of the city in memory of ‘Vezha’ visit.

The first guests of the open pace highly appreciated a transformation of the water tower. They are sure that it is going to be a center of tourist and youth attraction.