Mariupol 2030: An investment forum is started in Mariupol

03 September 2021, 11:44
Society, Economics

‘Mariupol 2030. Great investment opportunities’ Forum has started in the "Multicenter". The event brought together Ukrainian and international experts, entrepreneurs, public figures and government officials. Mayor Vadym Boichenko was the first to speak.

The Mayor began with a story about the way Mariupol managed to make a significant leap forward in its development in five years. There is a clear strategy, transparency and efficient use of the budget among the components of the formula for success.

‘In 2017, we adopted the first real City Development Strategy. This is an application document that we have developed together with the community. We became the most transparent and most open city in Ukraine, we also introduced a new formula for the budget - 60 to 40, where 60% is the content, and the second figure is the development budget. These cases opened the door to foreign investment for Mariupol,’ Vadym Boichenko said.

Vadym Boichenko stressed that a new image of the future city is being formed today. It is based on the development of tourism potential, medicine and the IT sector. The key projects that will be drivers of change are the construction of a third-level hospital, a new airport and a concrete road.

‘The new hospital with a university campus will open up new opportunities for quality treatment for residents across the region and attract thousands of students. It will create a new direction - medical tourism. Reconstruction of the embankments will reveal the tourist potential. However, all this will be possible only if a new airport is built, which will open the city to the whole of Ukraine,’ the Mayor said.

In turn, the Secretary of the National Investment Council Levan Varshalomidze presented the key elements of the transformation of Mariupol into a tourist center of the country. According to him, 63% of investors pay attention to the tourist attractiveness of the city. The restoration of the historic part as a cultural center, the transformation of the Seaside Park into a European functional green entertainment area are among the key projects. It is planned to connect the embankment with the center. It is also planned to develop universities and ‘gastronomic’ Mariupol.

The first deputy chairman of Donetsk Regional State Administration Ihor Moroz told about investments in infrastructure of area. Today, there are 235 projects in various fields: education, medicine, culture and sports. All of them are implemented with the support of foreign investors and the program of the President of Ukraine "Great Construction".

Other speakers included Business Ombudsman Marchin Svenchitsky and Supervisory Board member Anatoly Dolinny. Then two sessions will take place. The first is ‘Mariupol of the Future - Investment Opportunities’, where the participants will discuss issues of attracting investment. The topic of the second session is ‘Legislative changes necessary for the growth of investment in the city’. This is a discussion about concessions in the field of health care and security of economic activity for investors.