Mariupol is the leader in Ukraine in the implementation of "warm" programs

26 January 2022, 14:50
Sessions of the city council

At the session of the city council, the deputies approved changes to the Warm Home Program and the implementation of “Enorgodom” project. They are aimed at improving the energy efficiency of buildings and reducing the amount of payment receipts for heat for residents.

It should be noted that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky initiated “Energodom” program for the comprehensive thermal modernization of residential and public buildings. This year, five thousand establishments are planned to be insulated in the country. The regional department of housing and communal services collects applications for participation from the townspeople. More than 70 have already been submitted from Mariupol.

“Participation in such programs allows people to reduce payments for heat even in the face of a rise in market prices. These are modern projects that will bring the housing and communal services system of Mariupol to a new, higher level. The most important thing is that our residents will feel the economic effect,” mayor Vadym Boichenko said.

Since 2019, Mariupol has been the leader in Ukraine in implementing the Warm Home program. Over the four years of its operation, 265 projects have been implemented for a total of UAH 74 million. Compensation from the city budget is more than UAH 30 million. Since 2020, applications for participation in the program have not been accepted, but 60 houses are still paying "warm loans". The interest rate is compensated by the city and region.

“During the January frosts, the issue of energy efficiency becomes one of the most urgent. Many houses need to be replaced with engineering networks and insulation. It is difficult for residents to carry out large-scale work at their own expense. That is why joint projects with the city, region and state are being implemented, which allow making your home more comfortable without being noticeable for the family budget,” Vahagn Mnatsakanyan, head of the department for ecology, energy management and labor protection said.

Thus, “Energodom” is a joint project of the Energy Efficiency Fund, the city and the state. It involves the insulation of roofs, facades, the replacement of balconies and the repair of engineering networks. HOAs, depending on the chosen package, compensates for 20 or 40% of the costs. In the future, such a set of works will reduce the amounts in payment receipts for heat by about 50%. 13 applications have already been submitted for a total amount of UAH 150 million. The city compensates more than UAH 36 million.

The Warm House program helps Mariupol residents to make their houses more energy efficient and reduce maintenance costs. Old windows and doors are changed, heating systems are repaired and lighting is modernized. The facades and roofs are insulated. Due to modern electronic devices, the residents of the house independently monitor the temperature in the apartments day and night in accordance with the temperature outside. Projects are financed from the city and state budgets.