Columns, frescoes and patterned staircases: City Palace of Culture to become the center of culture of the Left Bank district

23 July 2020, 18:28
Society, Culture

The renovation of the City Palace of Culture continues in the Left Bank district. The building of the 50s of the 20th century has a unique architectural value for Mariupol. After the completion of the reconstruction, the palace is intended to become the epicenter of the cultural life of the whole area. Mayor Vadym Boichenko checked the progress of work.

Fundamental round columns, wall murals and patterned staircases are just a few of the building's architectural heritage. To preserve the historical heritage, the capital's restorers are involved in the work. The preliminary cost of the object is about UAH 120 million.

‘Our goal is to create an epicenter of cultural and sports life in every district of the city. Now we are restoring the Palace of Culture, which has not been renovated for 70 years. Active work on the construction of the Ice Arena is underway and the construction of the pool is also in the plans. All of these objects are designed to reborn the philosophy and life of the city. Similar complexes should appear in every district of the city,’
Vadym Boichenko noted.

Before the beginning of reconstruction, the palace consisted of about 40 bands. In total, about 800 children attended it. The main artistic directions are vocal studio, ballet, circus and theater schools, ballroom dancing and other areas of choreography. After the reconstruction, they plan to triple attendance.

Besides, for the convenience of visitors, they plan to use modern IT developments. Thus, the registration to the circles of the palace in online mode using blockchain technology has already been opened. With the help of one of the Mariupol startups, they plan to keep track of the attendance of the sections of the palace.

All major works have been completed in the building. Replaced roofing, internal electrical wiring, ventilation and heating systems. The finishing works have been completed in the classrooms. The new window blocks have fully retained their original architectural form. All the stucco moldings are restored by hand, now the ceiling is being painted by hand.

After restoration, a large spacious hall will be equipped in the palace and rooms for changing clothes will be located on the second floor. The building houses a unique circus class with an optimal ceiling height. The ballet class is equipped with modern equipment.