French experts help to reconstruct the embankments of Mariupol

04 October 2021, 15:00
Cooperation with International Organizations

Deputy Mayor Serhii Orlov has met with the president of the French company Beten Ingenierie Jean Roche and French experts on beach ecology. They discussed projects for the reconstruction of city embankments.

Beten Ingenierie has been cooperating with the city for several years. It specializes in infrastructure projects and environmental development. During working visits to Mariupol, French experts repeatedly visited the embankments. They also studied examples and experiences of European cities where there is industry and the coast. French experts noted that Mariupol has great tourist potential.

In addition, the third stage of the architectural competition for the reconstruction of the Central Embankment was completed today. The votes cast for the projects of the finalist companies are now being counted.

‘Each of the beaches of Mariupol has its own characteristics. All of them were taken into account in our work. We have thought through all the nuances so that they can take a large number of vacationers,’ Jean Roche said.

During the discussion of the projects, the representatives of the municipality made several proposals. In particular, one of them is to launch tourist cars on railway rails.

‘Our key objectives are comfort, accessibility and the modern appearance of the promenades. Natural materials will be used as much as possible in work. It is also important for us to preserve the natural landscape and fauna,’ Serhii Orlov stressed.