Weather Assistance and Restoration of the Hydraulic Engineering Service

22 July 2021, 08:52
Society, Housing and Utilities Infrastructure

The issues of providing material assistance to victims of bad weather and the restoration of the Hydrotechnical Service were considered on the Day of the Deputy. First Deputy Mayor Mykhailo Kohut stressed that all flooded objects will be completed by October.

‘On the basis of the Department of Housing and Communal Infrastructure, a headquarters was created, which made it possible to contain the situation and prevent a collapse in the communal infrastructure. 291 houses were flooded. 28 social facilities were damaged,’ Mykhailo Kohut said.

The repairs have already been completed in 92 houses. 210 are in progress. There are 81 objects under control. The first deputy mayor noted that it is necessary to "enter" the repair work outside the schedule. 140 applications from the private sector were submitted to the regional administration. About UAH 2.4 million are needed for the allocation of material assistance.

In addition, 22 problem areas have been identified where cleaning of storm water systems is required. The city will restore the Hydraulic Engineering Service for this.

As the director of the Department of Transport and Communications Vasyl Klat said, it will have four key tasks:

• formation of engineering solutions for the sewerage system;

• current maintenance of storm water systems;

• regular mechanical cleaning;

• interaction with the emergency service for the maintenance of closed tubes.

On the basis of the service, it is planned to create two brigades that will serve all areas of the city. Both questions will be brought up to the session of the city council.