Victory Day! Mariupol celebrates the holiday of peace and liberation from Nazism

09 May 2021, 12:00

76 years ago, the bloodiest war in history ended. A solemn rally was held in Mariupol in honor of the Victory Day over Nazism in the Second World War. Mayor Vadym Boichenko together with veterans laid flowers at the foot of the monument to the "Liberator Warrior" and the stele with the names of the Heroes of Mariupol.

‘Our grandfathers and fathers gave us peace at the cost of their own health and lives. Ukraine was at the epicenter of those terrible events. World War II affected every family in Mariupol. That is why this holiday is so important for us. On the example of veterans, we raise our children, we develop our city’, Vadym Boichenko said.

Veterans deserve the respect of young people. Heroes, killed in the battles, will forever be remembered by generations.