Delegation from France expresses support for Mariupol

10 June 2021, 16:34

French National Assembly Deputy Pierre Person and entrepreneur and consultant Edward Mayor have arrived in Mariupol today. They met with Mayor Vadym Boichenko. During the meeting, they discussed projects aimed at the development of the city.

In particular, the Mayor spoke about the Development Strategy until 2021, which made it possible to attract foreign investments. I separately recalled joint projects with France on the construction of a water treatment plant and the reconstruction of the Embankment. Vadym Boichenko shared the initiatives, the implementation of which will contribute to the further development of Mariupol. Among them, the construction of an airport and a concrete bypass road.

‘Today Mariupol does not have the necessary logistics to increase the pace of development. The airport will improve investment attractiveness and promote business activity. There is already a project, but a political decision at the international level is needed. A bypass road will connect iron and steel works and the seaport. It will allow to increase shipments of metal products without damaging the transport infrastructure of the city. The result is an increase in the economic potential of the entire region,’ the Mayor said.

Vadym Boichenko also stressed the importance of the reconstruction of the Embankment, which will contribute to the creation of a tourist cluster and the improvement of railway communication. The goal is to reduce the time spent on the Mariupol-Kiev route to 10 hours.

In turn, Pierre Person and Edward Mayor noted the dynamism of the city's development, the successful combination of the cultural and tourist sphere with the industrial one.

‘France will continue to support the development of Ukraine and Mariupol. We are interested in establishing partnerships, both between countries and between cities. We are ready to assist in establishing such a dialogue,’ Pierre Person said.