Dakh Daughters, Bahroma, Detach: GogolFest is finished in Mariupol

02 May 2019, 10:05

The last day of the festival has been ended with a real musical explosion. Alternative rock bands from Kiev “Bahroma” and “Detach”, as well as freak cabaret “Dakh Daughters” performed on the main stage in the City Garden.

The “Detach” band began its performance the evening concert. The musicians presented their famous songs in the styles of nu metal and alternative metal. After that, the musicians of the band Bahroma appeared on the stage. They sang songs from the new album “Home”.

This was the first performance of the group in Mariupol. However, a vocalist Roman Bakharev said that in his youth he was putting up announcements about buying hair in our city. The vocalist himself spent his childhood in city Chistyakovo (formerly Torez).

A powerful final chord of the festival was the performance of the freak cabaret “Dakh Daughters”. This is not their first visit to Mariupol, but every speech is eagerly awaited by residents. Improvisation, synthesis of jazz and folk music and theatricality are the main components of Dakh Daughters. The girls performed their famous hits, which the whole square sang along. The group was called for an encore three times.

It is worth noting that the festival ‘StartUp GogolFest’ is held in Mariupol for the second year. It combines theatrical, musical, educational and artistic programs. This year the festival lasted six days.