Security 24/7: Community officers protect order in Mariupol United Territorial Community (PHOTO)

19 January 2022, 14:41

In Stary Krym village, police officers of the community monitor the protection of order. Mariupol UTC was one of the first to introduce the project of the National Police of Ukraine. Today Mayor Vadym Boichenko handed over the keys to the cars to the officers.

“Security is the basis for development. Six years ago we made an important decision – we were the first in Ukraine to introduce elements of smart security. As a result, Mariupol is in the top five safest cities in the country,” the mayor emphasized.

Vadym Boichenko added that the Community Police Officer project is an important step towards ensuring law and order in remote areas and villages of Mariupol community. This will become the basis for changes and development of the outskirts.

Ruslan Osipenko, Head of the Main Directorate of the National Police in Donetsk Oblast, appreciated the municipality that provided funding to launch the project.

“I am sure that from today the police officers of the community will provide constant assistance and solve the problems of residents. Our further goal is for them not only to work, but also to live in the community,” he stressed.

Five police officers received car keys and weapons from the Head of the National Police in the Donetsk region from the hands of the mayor. Law enforcement officers protect order in four villages - Stary Krym, Vinogradnoye, Pokrovskoye and Berdyanskoye.

One of them is Artem Timofeev. He has been working as an officer in Stary Krym for three months now. He says that he completed his studies in Kharkov, where Canadian specialists shared their experience.

“We have gained basic knowledge on how to effectively help the residents of the community. Now people in the village treat us well. They were pleasantly surprised that officers work here every day. They mainly deal with problems of domestic violence, theft and domestic conflicts,” the law enforcement officer said.

All conditions have been made for work in the officer's station. There is an office, a rest room, and now a working car.

It should be noted that earlier Mariupol City Council signed a Memorandum with the National Police of Ukraine on the implementation of the Community Police Officer project.