Arkady Meshkov: Mariupol is an example of development under the Ukrainian flag

22 January 2022, 11:20

It is the Day of Unity of Ukraine today. A solemn rally dedicated to the 103rd anniversary of the unity of the Ukrainian people was held in Mariupol. The deputy mayor Arkady Meshkov congratulated the audience.

Representatives of the municipality, deputies, military personnel and residents of the city gathered at the monument to Taras Shevchenko. Many people came with blue and yellow flowers, national symbols. The event began with the National Anthem of Ukraine performed by a military band.

“A lot of time has passed, but this event is still important for us. It reminds us that only our strength is in unity, regardless of our religion, what language we speak or what our interests are. This is the only way our state can be successful. Mariupol is an example of development under the Ukrainian flag. Having united, we rejoice at today's successes,” Arkady Meshkov said.

The rally ended with the laying of flowers at the foot of the monument to the kobzar.