A meeting of the youth council is held in Mariupol

01 March 2021, 15:45

The Center for the Development of Startups "1991" has hosted the fifth meeting of Mariupol Youth Council. It discussed the further direction of activities aimed at creating conditions for the activity of young people.

A number of decisions were made at the meeting. Among them:

1) Creation of a youth public organization "Youth Council of Mariupol". Its goal is to carry out activities aimed at satisfying and protecting the legitimate social, economic, creative, spiritual, national-cultural and other interests of the youth of Mariupol. Besides, taking into account the interests of young people in the formation and implementation of youth policy in the city, international cooperation to ensure sustainable development of Mariupol.

2) Creation of a mechanism for rating assessment of trainees of the Youth Council. Active youth wants to join its ranks more and more. In this connection, it became necessary to create a unified mechanism for scoring. Now the work of the interns will be evaluated from 0 to 5 according to two criteria: "Own initiative" and "Participation in the work on the project." The most active can get into the council.

“We direct our work for the benefit of the city. Our goal is to create opportunities for our youth so that they can take an active part in the development of Mariupol, ” the chairman of the youth council Alina Kozytska says.