Mariupol University joins an international program for graduates’ employment

10 January 2019, 13:43
Society, Education

Donetsk State University of Management has become the first institution of higher education in Mariupol that joined the implementation of the ERASMUS + “Implementation of the quality assurance system through university-business government cooperation ”project. It will provide graduates with employment opportunities in the partner countries of Donetsk State University as part of the project.

The experience of European partners - the University of Krayevaya (Romania), the University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria), the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) was  studied. Effective mechanisms for the process of cooperation between universities were highlighted. They also studied the principles of applying the quality management of education in accordance with European criteria, project planning and documentation.

As a result, the Center for Education Quality Control was established at Donetsk State University. Its main tasks are the development of a set of standards and guidelines for ensuring the internal quality of higher education, which will ensure the unity of requirements with European universities and the further employment of graduates.

‘Mariupol will become a city of birth and the introduction of internal policy mechanisms, guidelines and procedures for ensuring the quality of education, will be the basis for national standards for the quality of education, will help increase the employment of students in the city,’ the heads of the university notes.

Donetsk State University attracts and invites to develop a network of quality assurance experts through university-business-government cooperation.

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