Ksenia Sukhova helps to solve problems of Mariupol residents

10 January 2019, 14:29

At the personal reception of the deputy mayor Ksenia Sukhova, Mariupol residents shared their problems. Each question was considered individually, and the relevant specialists were given the appropriate instructions for solving them.

Mariupol residents were interested in pensions. Registration of social assistance and disability payments.

At the reception people voiced not only problematic issues, but also expressed gratitude. For example, one Mariupol resident, who provided the means of rehabilitation. He noted that after turning to Ksenia Sukhova, all the necessary medicines were delivered on time.

Everyone can get on personal reception to the deputy mayor. So, some residents got to the place of reception on the Social Taxi. We remind that its services can be used by people with disabilities of the first and second groups, children with disabilities over 5 years old, people without a disability group, but who have medical documents that indicate that they cannot move independently.