"Break the Circle": A film about countering domestic violence is shown in Mariupol

02 December 2021, 15:40

The Ukrainian director Lisa Smith has collected the real stories of women victims of domestic violence in the film "Break the Circle". The screening in Mariupol was part of the 16 Days Against Violence World Action with the support of the Cities and Communities Free from Domestic Violence project of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The show was attended by deputies of Mariupol city council, police representatives, specialists from the city center of social services and the family department of the department of social protection of the population. After the film, they discussed the issue of domestic violence, service response and victim support.

The premiere of this film in Kiev was attended by the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska. She praised the film and expressed her admiration for the film's heroines, their strength and courage.

“Each of the heroines changes her life based on the circle of violence. But change turns out to be a long process of working on oneself and one's relationship with the world. By showing these stories, we draw the attention of others to the fact that violence does not tolerate silence. To deal with it, you need to act openly and help those affected. So, we will be able to achieve zero tolerance to this phenomenon and prevent its manifestation, ” Iryna Boichenko, head of the family department of the department of social protection of the population said.

Today in Mariupol, victims of domestic violence and / or gender-based violence can receive comprehensive professional support. Crisis and emergency benefits, psychological and legal support, temporary residence, security, medical, social and legal services are provided for free.