The main task is to create a high-tech enterprise and a quality workplace: Vadym Boichenko

27 May 2020, 15:02
Society, Housing and Utilities Infrastructure, Transport

PU “Mariupolavtodor” and “Mariupol tram and trolleybus management” have been replenished with new, modern special equipment. It will improve the work of enterprises and minimize manual labor. Vadym Boichenko appreciated the replenishment of the technical park.

‘The focus of our attention is a person. The main task is to create a high-tech enterprise and a quality workplace. Therefore, we are constantly raising the level of manufacturability, acquiring modern equipment,’
the Mayor stressed.

Dmytro Chuchmai, director of PU “Mariupolavtodor”, spoke about a specialized road marking machine. Its feature is that the work is performed not only with paint but also with cold plastic. The technician applies the paint at a speed of 5 km per hour.

‘The car makes high-quality road markings. Due to it, we have already completed work on the main highways. Since mid-June, we have planned to transfer the car to the application of cold plastic completely,’ Dmytro Chuchmai said.

In turn, the head of the Mariupol tram and trolley-bus management Vitaly Donev told about the replenishment of the technical park of the enterprise. A length gauge, a dump truck, a truck tractor, two backhoe loaders, two specialized trucks, a semi-trailer - the equipment was purchased at the expense of the city budget. The cost is about UAH 9.4 million.

‘We have never had such an equipment. Today, both the passenger fleet and the infrastructure of the enterprise are developing. So, earlier we used manual labor to replace the sleeper on the tram track. Now we use an excavator with two buckets. It allows you to dig the necessary area and replace the sleepers,’ Vitaly Donev said.

He also added that due to specialized trucks, it is now possible to quickly deliver repair crews to emergency areas. Previously, the company had to send a trolleybus of technical assistance.

Vadym Boichenko emphasized that the increase in equipment will increase the volume of the work.