We create conditions for quality medical service to protect lives and health of Mariupol residents: Vadym Boichenko

22 May 2020, 15:01
Society, Medicine

A major overhaul of the emergency department is being held in the surgical building of the city hospital №1. The project is implemented under the state program 'Large Construction". Almost UAH 7 million from the city budget and almost UAH 10 million from the state budget have been allocated for these purposes. Vadym Boichenko assessed the progress of work.

The Mayor inspected the consultation room, the X-ray diagnostic room, the intensive care unit and a small operating room, where patients who do not need hospitalization can receive help. The director of the city hospital №1 Larisa Mamaeva showed a unique tomograph. According to her, due to this device, doctors have recently been able to quickly diagnose one of the patients.

‘Accurate diagnosis and emergency care are the most important components of modern medicine. We create conditions for quality medical services to protect the life and health of Mariupol residents. In addition, our doctors will get a quality job,’
the Mayor emphasized.

The renovation of the emergency department began last year. The roof has already been overhauled. Replacement of all engineering networks is being continued.The plans are to insulate the facade.

After the repairs of the department, patients will be able not only to receive surgical care, but also to undergo quality diagnostics. ‘We will be able to provide emergency assistance. Special diagnostic beds will be set. To make a diagnosis within two or three hours and immediately send patients to the necessary department,’ Larisa Mamayeva said.

The whole department will be equipped with new high-tech equipment: a computer tomograph and a modern X-ray machine. An ultrasound machine has been installed, with the help of which doctors will be able to perform any examinations, up to the vessels of the brain and heart.