‘Mariupolteploset’ starts multichannel communication with subscribers

08 January 2019, 16:07
Housing and Utilities Infrastructure

‘Mariupolteploset’ public utility opened a multichannel communication with subscribers. Now every resident of the city can call the number 098 184 68 00, get the information he is interested in and transfer the meter readings. Sergey Golevich, the head of the revenue and collection service of public utility told about it.

‘Each Mariupol member can call a single telephone number, select their own district, give their address and transfer meter readings on the telephone. The controller, in turn, fixes them and adds them to the database. In addition, we can write on Viber,’ Sergey Golevich explained.

The need to create a multi-channel communication line arose in order to simplify the access of residents to information and to make the enterprise more efficient.

There is a subscriber station receiving calls in every area of ​​the city. This allows you to answer about 30 calls simultaneously. So, there are eleven controllers in the area of ​​the Central district.

‘Each controller is provided with a mobile phone. In addition, we can record for sealing and unsealing hot water meters, redirect them to a thermal inspection, accept a complaint or provide necessary information. About 500 calls are received per day,’ Maria Ilchenko, the Head of the Central District subscriber section said.

The single phone number of  ‘Mariupolteploset’ is  098 184 68 00.

We remind you that you can also report the meter readings via Viber to the following numbers: 067 640 3130 - Kalmiusskiy District, 067 640 3616 - Levoberezhnyi District, 067 640 3343 - Central District, 067 640 3011 - Primorskiy District.