New equipment for the installation of traffic lights is purchased for ‘Mariupolavtodor’

14 January 2020, 16:56
Society, Transport

The work to modernize traffic lights is underway in Mariupol. The first to start repairing a traffic light located at the intersection of Mira Avenue and Kazantseva Street. It is planned to replace the lamps with LEDs and replace the road controllers.

According to the director of the Department of Transport and Communications Vasiliy Klat, the implementation of the project will make it possible to secure the movement of vehicles in the city.

‘The visibility of traffic signals in the daytime will be improved. We plan to introduce an automated traffic control system. Last year, ‘Mariupolavtodor’ experts identified priorities for the modernization of traffic lights, developed technical specifications and acquired the necessary equipment,’ Vasiliy Klat said.

The total investment in new equipment amounted to about UAH 1.5 million. Activities are implemented as part of the development strategy of the city.

It is worth noting that, according to the program of socio-economic development of the city for 2020, the funds are provided for further modernization of traffic lights.