A Liberation Day is celebrated in Mariupol

16 June 2018, 15:48


The holiday on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the liberation of the city from illegal armed formations has begun with the passage of a column of armored vehicles and servicemen. The dismount columns included servicemen, police officers, cadets of the Donetsk Law Institute and soldiers of ‘Azov’ regiment. The best of them were awarded with valuable gifts and diplomas. Hundreds of adults and children welcomed the defenders.

Mariupol has been congratulated on the occasion by the Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced People of Ukraine Vadim Chernysh, the First Deputy Head of the National Police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin, the Mayor Vadim Boichenko and People's Deputy of Ukraine Sergey Taruta.

Within the framework of the celebration, 45 servicemen and policemen as well as workers of iron and steel works who helped to maintain an order in the city 4 years ago, received awards from the MIA – ‘Firearms’, ‘For Courage in Service’, ‘For Distinction in Service’, ‘Defender of Mariupol’ and certificates of honor from Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. Fighters were awarded with valuable gifts and awards from the command of the National Guard as well as appreciation on behalf of the head of the Mariupol City Council.

Vadim Chernysh in his speech appreciated the defenders who were able to make Mariupol to be on the controlled territory of Ukraine and has the opportunity to develop.

‘Mariupol is a beautiful city with great prospects and we will do our best to support the development of this wonderful city and the key to this is a stable, friendly and powerful community with the leadership that they chose themselves. And the most important thing is that you know and believe that your success is the success of Ukraine. The whole of our country is watching you. Development of happiness and prosperity,’ the Minister said.

The Mayor of Mariupol, in his turn, shared his memories of the events of 2014 and noted the importance of the work of the military, police and medical personnel at that time of stress.

‘Today the city is developing. The roads, schools, kindergartens are being repaired, housing is under construction. But all this became possible due to the fact that the flag of Ukraine is developing over the city. I appreciate every Mariupol citizen who did not succumb to provocation and saved the city for future generations,’
Vadim Boichenko stressed.

Vyacheslav Abroskin remembered the events of that time. He shared his impressions of cohesion and the ability to respond quickly to emergencies of Mariupol.

 ‘There was a lot of work to do. We had to return people's confidence to the law enforcement bodies, the military and overcoming the gloom of our citizens. We all joined together to protect our country and defended Mariupol city-outpost. In June 2014, we celebrated the first victory which inspires even today,’ the First Deputy Chairman of the National Police of Ukraine said.

And right now at the Freedom Square there are master classes on twining bracelets, body art work, exhibitions of military equipment and photos are held. Besides, ‘Strong Nation’ functional all-round competitions, various educational sections and food courts are waiting for the citizens of Mariupol. In the evening there will be a concert with TNMK, Christina Solovey, ‘Rollix’ and ‘The Doox’ who have already rehearsing on the main stage of the holiday.