A unique historical demonstration was held on central avenue

30 September 2018, 16:16

The Scythians, the Cossacks, nobles, merchants and peasants of the 18th century, the Greeks, workers of ‘Nikopol’ iron and steel works and the port and even modern people have passed along Mira Avenue. Mariupol residents personally have seen the history of the city's formation for 240 years. Five eras have been presented during parade and they were located on three platforms. Thousands of Mariupol residents came with their families in a good mood.

The Scythians were at the head of the first platform. They were with the gold and there were stone idols on the platform. In the second half of the platform Mariupol could see the Cossack fort with the Cossacks.

At the beginning of the second platform, there were merchants with manifestos and there was a table with a model of the city - a fragment of history (55 houses) and a church. The second part of the platform was entirely in Greek stylistics, it was all white with blue elements. At the end there was Meotida Palace.

The third platform was represented by the period of industrialization of the city - the model of the Nikopol iron and steel works, the model of the first port and ship. The second half was represented by modern Mariupol - a large anchor-logo and three-dimensional hashtags. There were more than 250 people in suits around the platforms. The column was closed by the representatives of creative teams and universities of the city.

Mariupol residents enthusiastically welcomed each platform, they looked at the costumes and scenery with interest as well as listened attentively to the history of the city's formation. Many people came to Vadim Boichenko, the Mayor of the City, and thanked for the holiday and the renovated city.

‘We are doing all this for you, Mariupol! I am grateful to you for choosing Mariupol. Every year our city will become better!’,
Vadim Boichenko stressed.