Mariupol celebrates the Day of Vyshyvanka

16 May 2019, 19:52

Today Mariupol celebrates the worldwide Day of Vyshyvanka. Hundreds of residents supported the tradition of the city and took part in a solemn procession in national dress. After that, everybody joined the holiday in the Theater Square.

The solemn column started from the underpass and passed along Mira Avenue to Theater Square. Mayor Vadim Boichenko, the first city leaders, deputies, schoolchildren, representatives of public organizations and concerned Mariupol residents came to the holiday in embroidered shirts.

Vadim Boichenko told that he bought his own embroidery in Lviv before he became a mayor. According to him, she is like a talisman and helps him in the development of Mariupol.

‘This is a patriotic holiday that identifies us as Ukrainians. Vyshyvanka is not just item of clothes. This is our national symbol. Every year there are more and more participants in the march. I am glad that many children have come today. They are attached to this important holiday that sets us apart, as a nation,’
the Mayor noted.

In the Theater Square, Mariupol listened to live music performed by the Renaissance Chamber Orchestra. A fountain danced to their music. The ‘highlight’ of the holiday was the performance of the soloists of the National Honored Bandurist of Ukraine named after Mayboroda.

Anyone could buy national souvenirs at the fair, take part in a quiz and apply face painting. There was also a competition of patriotic drawings on asphalt and the best embroidery was chosen in the square.

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