Mariupol 243: Festive events dedicated to the City Day (PHOTO)

28 September 2021, 11:30

This year the program of celebrating Mariupol's birthday was very busy. Concerts, festivals and master classes were held at four locations at the same time - Freedom Square, the central pier, Hurov Park and the Theater Square.

The Mariupol Open Book Book Festival took place in the Theater Square. It was equally interesting for both children and adults. Presentations of books from 30 publishers, readings, lectures and discussions from authors from all over Ukraine took place. There were Olexander Irvanets, Lesya Voronina, Ivan Andrus, Artem Polezhaka among the famous guests.

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All-Ukrainian festival ‘Μέγα Γιορτή’ was held in the renovated Hurov park. It is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence and the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution. Guests were delighted by the bright ethnic program and Greek cuisine. Representatives of 90 Greek societies from different parts of Ukraine took part in the solemn theatrical procession. Creative bands performed on the stage with a colorful concert program.

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Photo -  Mariupol City Council and m.EHUB

The central pier welcomed the guests of the multicultural festival Goby Fest. The program includes a culinary master class, children's activities, photo areas and a variety of food courts with traditional dishes. Endorphins, Schmalhausen, Jerry Heil, Laud and other Ukrainian artists performed on the stage by the sea.

Many were interested in the new art object. The work of the trading port, metallurgical plants, the noise of the sea and the railway, blows in the ring and children's laughter. These and other sounds familiar to every resident of Mariupol are recorded on audio by the authors of the project "Sounds of the City", dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine. The purple wave is the result of several sound design and 3D visualization programs. With its help you can hear the way our city sounds. To do this, use the QR code and go to the project website. The color was chosen not by chance - it is the color of the sunset over the sea.

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Photo - m.EHUB

A festive concert took place on Freedom Square. It was opened by the local cover band Endorphins. Then Dantes came on stage. The group "One in a Canoe" performed their songs. Mariupol residents and guests of the city were also able to hear their favorite songs by "Boombox" rock-group. Fireworks became a real gift at the end of the holiday.

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Photo – Mariupol City Council and m.EHUB