“All the changes in Mariupol are started from every residential house”, Vadym Boichenko

06 August 2020, 14:22
Society, Housing and Utilities Infrastructure

Due to the city program of support of HOAs, the housing stock of Mariupol is changing significantly. Residents were given the opportunity to independently dispose of the improvement of their homes and adjacent territories. The program helps to carry out large-scale renovations and create "Cozy Courtyards". Mayor Vadym Boichenko continues to sign Memorandums of Cooperation with the chairmen of HOAs.

In the Levoberezhny district of the city, the associations along 20.22  Vladimirska Str. and  26, 28, 30 Moskovska Street, also received "Cozy Courtyards." As part of the city program, they carried out major repairs of engineering networks and roofs and also replaced window blocks. To ensure order and control, video surveillance cameras are installed.

“Changes in Mariupol start from every house. It is important that by sharing responsibility with the municipality, residents take projects more seriously. Together we make Mariupol even more comfortable, safe and cozy. Our children should see how the city is being modernized and connect their future with it”,
Vadym Boichenko stressed.

HOA "Moskovskaya 26" was created in 2016. First of all, the blind areas were repaired. After - they replaced the engineering networks of heat supply and sewerage. Last year, the roof was repaired and the window blocks were replaced. We also made land acquisition and overhaul of electrical networks. All conditions for comfortable rest are created in “Cosy courtyard”: the road is asphalted, the pedestrian zones are paved with tiles, benches, a dryer and trash cans are installed. The total amount of support for the house is more than UAH 3 million.

“Having entered the condominiums, we started with a small project and doubted its implementation. But after seeing a positive result, we realized that it is possible and necessary to develop. We carried out repairs, improved comfort and started thinking about larger projects. The green area was improved. Together we take care of the flower beds, we carry out clean-ups,” Natalya Galaktionova, chairman of HOA Moskovskaya 26 said.

Residents of the houses of condominiums "Vladimirskaya 20", "Vladimirskaya 22", "Moskovskaya 28" and "Moskovskaya 30/18" said that since the transition to the association, they have become more friendly neighbors. Their "Cozy Courtyard" is combined into one location. The total investment is over UAH 2 million.

In the houses in  22 Vladimirska Str.and 28, 30 Moskovska Str., mini-projects for the replacement of window blocks with the repair of slopes have been implemented. House No. 28 has been overhauled on the roof. In 2019, residents decided to take a "Warm Credit" for the modernization of lighting in public places and the adjacent territory.