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Boichenko Vadim
Address39 Mitropolitskaya Str., Mariupol, Donetsk Region, Ukraine
Phone Number(0629) 33-10-10, (0629) 33-12-14

Vadim Boichenko was born on 5 June 1977 in Mariupol, the citizen of Ukraine.


  • 2001 - graduated from Priazov State Technical University, 'Transport Management' speciality
  • 2015 - graduated from Donetsk National University, 'Business Administration' speciality, Master of Business Administration


Additional education:

  • 2015  - INSEAD French Business School ‘Strategic Transition Program’ 
  • 2016  - The Aspen Institute (Kyiv) ‘Responsible Leadership’
  • 2016 - Mayor's School


since 2015

Mariupol City Council:

Mariupol City Mayor


‘Mariupol Illyich Iron and Steel Works’ PJSC:

He has worked his way up from Deputy Director General for Development to Director for Human Resources and Social Policy.

2010 - 2013

Metinvest  HoldingLTD:

He has worked his way up from an expert in human resources and motivation to the Head of HR-deparment.

1995 - 2010

'Azovstal' Iron and Steel Works OJSC:

He has worked his way up from the second locomotive engineer to the Deputy Head of Transportation Department of the service of Deputy Director for Motivation.

The City Mayor is a chief public officer of the territorial community of the city of Mariupol who heads the Mariupol City Council and its Executive Committee.

The City Mayor:

  • represents the territorial community of the city, the City Council, its Executive Committee in relations with state authorities, other bodies of local government, associations of citizens, enterprises, institutions, organizations, regardless of their ownership, citizens in Mariupol;
  • ensures, within the limits of its authority, the observance of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, the execution of acts of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and the relevant bodies of state executive power in the territory of the city;
  • organizes the work of the city council and its Executive Committee within the limits defined by the Law of Ukraine ‘About Local Government in Ukraine’;
  • manages the staff of the City Council and its Executive Committee, organizes its work;
  • signs the decision of the City Council, its Executive Committee;
  • make proposals to the City Council for the candidacy of the secretary of the City Council, the First Deputy Mayor, Deputies of the City Mayor on issues of activity of the Executive Bodies of the Council, the manager of affairs of the Executive Committee; the structure and states of Executive Bodies of the Council, the staff of the Council, the Executive Committee of the Council;
  • provides preparation of draft budget and program of social and economic development, other target programs of the city and makes them for consideration by the City Council; organizes the implementation of the budget, reports annually to the City Council on the implementation of the budget and the program of social and economical development of the city, publishes the programs approved by the Council, the budget and reports on their implementation;
  • controls the filling of the budget, the currency fund, provides rational use of funds, regulates their distribution. He is a manager of budget, extra-budgetary target (including currency) funds;
  • supervises the implementation of the decisions of the City Council and its Executive Committee on issues of disposal of property of the territorial community;
  • appoints and dismisses officials and employees of the executive bodies of the City Council, heads of enterprises, organizations and communal property establishments of the city in accordance with the procedure established by law;
  • concludes contracts on behalf of the territorial community in accordance with the legislation;
  • summons general meetings of citizens at their place of residence.
AddressPublic Reception ( 24a Bogdan Khmelnitsky Ave.)
Phone 33-45-57
The schedule of admission of citizens2,4 Tuesdays of the month (by appointment only)

Please be advised that the preliminary entry on the personal reception of the Mayor is made after considering the appeal by the secretary of the City Council or Deputy Mayor if the issue remains unresolved inherently or the applicant does not agree with the results of the consideration.

You can contact Public Appeals Department on the issues of registry at the following address: 26 Architect Nielsen Str., ap.3, tel.. +38 (0629) 33-45-57, 098-184-21-00, 098-184-21-20, 050-390-63-64, 050-390-60-62, through the contact and communication department at tel. 15-55, 067-345-15-55, 050-345-15-55 or via electronic form.

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