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The airport begins its history in 1930 when the construction of Mariupol airport started. The first flight ‘Kharkiv-Stalin-Mariupol-Berdyansk’ was in the spring of 1931. However, due to economic problems, the airport was not functioning until the autumn of 1932. For the same reasons, it was not possible to establish a regular air service in Mariupol before the war.

On May 12, 1936, the airport organized the riding of Stakhanovtsi on ‘Steel-3’ plane.

In 1967, the construction of the new ‘Mariupol’ airport began 5 km from the city. At its best times our airport carried up to 120 thousand passengers a year. It had from 30 to 40 flights a day, and in the summer, it was transported to 25 thousand passengers a month.

Until 1993, the Mariupol airport was a part of the Donetsk Combined Airborne Division. May 26, 1993 The Mariupol airport was registered as a state enterprise by the order of the Mariupol City Council of People's Deputies № 840.

Since August 1993, the ‘Airport Mariupol’ enterprise has become an independent structural unit in the ‘Airports of Ukraine’ association. On August 26, 2001 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine © 297 ‘International Mariupol Airport’ State Enterprise was transferred to the communal property of Mariupol City Council.

Since November 1, 2001, the Mariupol airport has been in a long-term lease at ‘Illych Iron and Steel Works’ OSCJ.

In 2004, 11 thousand passengers were transported. In 2006, 18 thousand passengers were transported, and in 2007 more than 20 thousand passengers.

In December 2011, Mariupol airport became a communal property of the city.

In January 2012 ‘Azovobshchemash’ PJSC took the airport under its wing.

Flight connections:

domestic flights

• Mariupol - Kiev

• Mariupol - Odessa

• Mariupol - Lviv

international flights

• Mariupol - Antaliya

• Mariupol-Athens

Mariupol airport has been transferred to the communal property of the city's territorial community but because of the ATO, the airport does not function and it needs some repair works.

The creation of Mariupol port was a logical continuation of the rapid development of the industrial south in the 2nd half of the XIX century. The shallow water pier at the mouth of the Kalmius river did not meet the requirements for the development of the fleet, the mining and metallurgical industry of the Donetsk basin.

In 1886, the construction of a deep-water port in Mariupol in Zintseva gill was planned for 5 years but it was completed after 3 years under the pressure of industrial development.

On August 21, 1889, 18 wagons, loaded with coal, were delivered to the port embankment.

After the prayer service in the presence of the mayor of Mariupol Haradzhaev, the first loading on ‘MEDVEDITSA’ steamer began, it left on August 22 for its intended purpose.

This date is considered to be the date when the port began operating. The port was of great importance for the development of industry in the region and the whole country.

Today Mariupol Sea Commercial Port is the leading port on the Sea of ​​Azov. At the present time, Mariupol port is one of the leading ports in Ukraine in terms of mechanization, the quality of hydraulic engineering structures, the volume of cargo handling, service and many other indicators related to the maritime industry.

Mariupol Railway Station is the main passenger railway station of Mariupol which is located in Primorsky administrative district of the city. The station Mariupol refers to the Donetsk branch of ‘Ukrainian Railway’ OJSC. On the square in front of the station (Michman Pavlov Square) there is the terminus of the fixed-route taxi and trolleybuses so you can reach the city center.

The following services are provided at Mariupol railway station:

Additional services of the luggage compartment (message by phone, the consignee, the provision of application forms, tags);

Storage of things in stationary storage cells;

Paid inquiry;

Storage of things in an automatic luggage storage.

Contact Information:

87500, UKRAINE

m. Mariupol, Donetskaya area, 10 Michman Pavlov Str.

tel .: (0629) 54-72-67; (0629) 54-72-64

Е58European route is a European route of A-category that unites Austria with Russia through Slovakia, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine.

M-14 Motorway is a motor road of an international significance Odessa-Melitopol-Novoazovsk-state boarder with Russia.

H-20 Motorway is a motor road of a national significance Slavyansk-Donetsk-Mariupol.

T 0803 Motorway is a motor road of a territorial meaning in Zaporozhskaya and Donetsk regions.

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