Development Strategy 2021

The Strategy is a footing of the future of the city. It consists of structured values – the way we see our city and a firm plan – the way we will make it.

The mission of Mariupol in Ukraine is to become an example of Ukrainian Priazov, the center of dynamic development of the East of Ukraine, its economic, social and multicultural center. The symbol of an independent and a strong European country. The strategy has been developed on its basis, it has been designed for 5 years and a deadline is real to make an image of the city and start changing the content. We are living at the time when the development of the cities becomes a basis of a country development and well-being of the citizens.

The time dictates a criteria of the city success. Such criteria as the comfort, the safety, the labor-market, the cultural scene and the conditions of business environment come to the forefront, not just the size of the city and its geographical location.

Our city is buildings, roads and bridges. But above all, the city is people and other cities  compete for them. Thus, a person is a central focus of the Development Strategy of Mariupol. It is also a creation of the best conditions for living, education and work of every citizen. And, simultaneously, it is a creation of a bright, an attractive and a familiar image of new Mariupol that will be known and loved in Ukraine and abroad.



update date 26.08.2020