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Mariupol City Garden

Address:  50 Semenishina Str.

Mariupol City Garden (Children’s Central Park of Culture and Rest officially) is a park in Mariupol that is located in a Central district of the city between Metallurgov Ave., Semenishina Str. and Slobodka hills. It is founded in 1863.

The park is one of the most favourite places of rest of Mariupol citizens. There are a lot of newly married couples who come to take photos there. The city garden was founded by Mariupol citizens in 1863.The park has passed two stages of its development. The first of them was a period of tree plantation, the second was a result of creation of a big landscape garden. In 1889 Psalti Georgiy made a garden to be replanned. A new park had independent parts, old planting with a great number of changes. In 1910 a fountain appeared in the park.

Arkhip Kuindzhi, Konstantin Bogayevskiy,  Alexandr Serafimovish, Alexey Novikov-Priboy were at different times there. A grand duke Konstantin Nikolayevich, a son of Nikolay I, visited Mariupol and planted the trees in a city garden.


Leporskiy Park

Address: 21 Pobedy Ave.

The park was founded in the pre-war time in 1939 by workers of the Azovstal plant, so the older generation remembers it had the name of ‘Azovstal’. In 2011 it received a new name of Leporskiy park, so it was decided to perpetuate the memory of the former legendary director of a plant-progenitor. In its time the park was famous as a great place for leisure activities, people from all over the city came to rest here but, unfortunately, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was forgotten.

Over the past two decades, its sidewalks have become obsolete, the lights have ceased to burn and the buildings on its territory have begun to deteriorate. This park was stopped by Mariupol. This state of affairs afflicted many citizens who knew the park at its best. They wanted children's voices to be heard there as it had been in old times and the atmosphere of general fun reigned. Metinvest heard the residents and it helped to breathe a new life into the park.

So, in front of the eyes the green corner of the district began to blossom gradually. Its capital reconstruction started in 2012. The lion's share of expenses for its restoration and improvement was taken up by the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works of the Metinvest Group. Soon, children's sports and playgrounds with swings, gymnastic complexes and horizontal bars, simulators and tennis tables were arranged in the upper part of the park, a skate park with steep slopes and ascents appeared, car parking, pedestrian walkways paved with sidewalk tiles, trees and flowers were planted. In addition, they repaired an old staircase from the side of Lomizov Street, they set up benches and conducted lighting. At the second stage of the implementation of this project, the Azovstal plant spent about  UAH 2 million

‘Raduga’ Park

Address: 58 Pobedy Ave.

 In the 70s a park with an area of ​​3.73 hectares was created, in 1995 the status of a children's park ‘Raduga’ was given.

More than one generation of Mariupol brings their children and grandchildren there. In the park there are attractions and playgrounds surrounded by huge fairy-tale characters. And flower beds and constant children's laughter cheer up even in the darkest days.

Petrovskiy Park

Address: 2 Karpova Ave.


One of the attractions of the city of Mariupol is Petrovskiy Park that is located in Kalmiusskiy district. The total area of ​​the park is 27.2 hectares. Most of it is occupied by green spaces.

Under the leadership of the General Director Savchuk A.V. in 2002 ‘Azovmash’ started a complete reconstruction of the park named after A. Petrovskiy, with the preservation of existing plants during which the architectural and landscape design of the park was completely changed, comfortable walking paths were laid out, different kinds of cedar, junipers, shrubs, flowers and trees were planted. Annually, flower gardens are planted to the opening of the season. Cleanliness and care of green plantations are provided by the team of 153 shop of JSC ‘Azovobshemash’ JSC, under the direction of Pasko S. and business units.

After the reconstruction of the park which began in 2002, it turned into a place where you can relax with your family and friends.

On the territory of the park there are SC ‘Azovmash’ where the basketball matches of the team ‘Azovmash’ are held; SC ‘Azovmash’ - the venue for tournaments on wrestling, basketball, Olympiads as well as classes in various sports sections.

In addition, there is a dance floor with a stage where there are festive events, sports competitions, concerts of the creative teams of ‘Iskra’Palace of Culture, various competitions and entertainment events.

Gurov Greenland park

Address: 150 Metallurgov Str.

Gurov Greenland park is a park area of ​​the city of Mariupol on the southern outskirts of the modern Kalmius district in the floodplain of the Kalchik river. The territory of Metallurgov Avenue beyond the Kalchik River belongs to the Kalmius district of Mariupol. A tramway pedestrian bridge was built across the river. Behind the bridge there was a single-track tramway, to the left of which there was a large orchard in the floodplain of the river, on the right - sections of corn and sunflower. The northern outskirts of the garden coincided with the current Pokryshkina Str. The tram, passing the garden, moved around the fields and fell into the blocks of one-story houses around the place where the modern Zavoruyev Str. collides with Metallurgov Avenue.

The complex landscape of the former garden was not built up with five-story buildings. The local part of Metallurgov Avenue which turned into an important urban transport highway was built up only along the eastern border. The western part of the modern park is crossed by Karpinsky Street.

The park appeared almost spontaneously by building on its northern outskirts the Palace of Culture of the Illyich Iron and Steel Works along Pokryshkin Street. The palace became the first-most important theatrical building of Mariupol.

The building of the palace of culture involuntarily entailed the arrangement of the territory of the former orchard. Regular and landscape parts of greenland park were created. In the regular part, a fountain, flower beds and walking trails are created ending at the dance floor. Landscape sites border has random varieties of trees.

The original name is a Greenland park named after the 200th anniversary of Mariupol. Subsequently, it was changed into  Gurov Greenland Park.

Primorskiy Park

Address: Voinov Osvoboditeley Str.

Primorskiy Park has a rectangle shape that is situated between Primorskiy Ave. and Nahimova Ave. It spent a lot of years in tatters and just now Primorskaya district administration started to bring up a question of park’s reconstruction. The reasons of ecological consciousness of the authorities of Primorskiy district are banal – a lot of large-scale enterprises go through crisis that is why the main resources of public coffers entrant  are small business taxes that serve people who have vacation and some amount of balneological resource. The park has four sectors.

The most famous object of this part of the park is ‘Poseidon’ sculpture and fountain. Poseidon is on three horses over a waterbody. The guests and the citizens of Mariupol are glad of coolness of the fountain in hot summer days in the city.

The second step of reconstruction and gardening of the park is reconstruction of 40 hectares of the territory and 2 ideas. There is an idea to make rough figures. Vladimir Vikhrenko is wokrking at it. Due to him there is ‘A tree of lovers’ where newly married hang symbolic locks and they throw the keys into the sea.

update date 15.06.2018