About the city


History of Mariupol

Mariupol was founded in the center of Kalmius Palanka of Zaporozhean Cossacks in the original Donetsk region in 1778 and was named Pavlovsk after the Russian throne’s heir. The name of Mariupol was given to the city instead of Pavlovsk by order of H. Potyomkin in honor of Mariya Fedorivna, a wife of Pavlo Petrovych, the great prince on the 29th of September 1779. In 1780 the city and the district were settled by the Christian Greeks withdrawn from  Crimea. Later, consulates of such countries as Italy, France, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Great Britain, and Spain were opened in the city.

Today Mariupol is a unique city, an industrial center of the country, a port, a metallurgical and machine building center which combines an identity of different ethnic groups, cultural traditions and educational tendencies. Every new day Mariupol is changed into the city of European level.  

update date 03.07.2018