Investment activity

As part of the implementation of decentralization reforms , the cities have become subjects of independent economic decision-making and conducting a specific social and economic policy in their territories. In conditions of limited financial resources that are necessary for the implementation of plans for social and economic development, as well as individual targeted programs, there is an urgent need to attract additional funds and create conditions to attract assets into the city economy. In addition, attracting investment is one of the most effective ways to overcome the crisis, post-crisis state of the economy as well as social and economic development. Implementation of measures to attract investment at the municipal level is carried out in the form of the investment policy of the city - a set of tools and mechanisms implemented by local governments to create and improve the investment climate of the city in order to solve social and economic problems of the city.

Despite the unstable military and political situation in the region, the Mariupol City Council is actively engaged in finding and attracting alternative investment funds from various sources of funding.

The city leadership is in a constant dialogue with the representatives of various international and domestic organizations that provide grant assistance, international financial organizations and business representatives.

Our city is open for cooperation, and we are happy to meet anyone who want to contribute to improve the Mariupol welfare. For this purpose, we call your attention to “Investment passport of the Mariupol city”.

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update date 15.12.2020