Vadym Boichenko studies French experience of the seafront beautification

15 November 2019, 19:16

Today Mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boichenko, has visited French Dunkirk. This is the first visit in the framework of the signed memorandum with the World Network of Port Cities. The goal is to get acquainted with the positive experience of European colleagues in the improvement of coastal zones.

According to Vadym Boichenko, Dunkirk is similar to Mariupol. It is port city with steel works. Tourists come here to relax on the embankments. Therefore, its experience is useful and interesting for Mariupol.

The Mayor met with the head of the Department for Improvement and the Environment of the port of Dunkirk, David Lefran. The Mayor visited the port and talked with the city community of Dunkirk and steel works. They discussed sustainable green development and coastal improvement.

‘Mariupol today is at the stage of transition from an industrial to the post-industrial state. Collaboration with the World Network of Port Cities will help us learn from the positive experiences of our European colleagues. We must make the most of our marine advantage. On this path we want to introduce the best international practices. It will also give our city a new round of economic growth,’ Vadym Boichenko said.

The Mayor said that Mariupol is building new opportunities for residents of the city. Pilot projects and large-scale reconstruction are being implemented here. According to him, the city has great potential, which has not yet been fully disclosed.

‘Among the key tasks is to bring our embankments to the European level. We strive to create modern conditions for having rest. So that tourists from all over Ukraine make their choice in favor of Mariupol, where not only large-scale music festivals take place, but the place where everybody can spend time comfortably by the sea,’ said Vadym Boichenko.

During the meeting, the parties discussed plans for further cooperation with Dunkirk. Among them there are student exchange programs between city universities.

It is worth noting that in July 2019, Mariupol hosted ‘The Future by the Sea’ forum. Vadym Boichenko signed a memorandum of cooperation with the World Network of Port Cities (AIVP). Thus, Mariupol became the first city in Ukraine to conclude a document with French partners.