Vadim Boichenko has had a personal appointment

15 October 2019, 15:22

Mayor Vadim Boichenko has held a personal reception of citizens. Mariupol residents were worried about the issues of improvement, medicine and lease renewal. The Mayor gave relevant instructions to the specialists of specialized units.

The staff of the Territorial Social Services Center of the Central Region was the first to receive the appointments. They noted that Mariupol is developing; the social facilities of the city also receive support.

‘The main thing is not to forget our veterans. Everything that we see was built by their hands. These are schools, kindergartens, hospitals, roads, parks, residential buildings etc. We must appreciate this, creating new opportunities and comfortable living conditions for them,’
the Mayor said.

Besides, a resident of Sanatorna Street addressed the reception. He has a son with a disability, so he asked to equip a ramp in the house. Director of the Department for the Development of Housing and Communal Infrastructure Igor Babiek said that the working group will go to the place and will develop an appropriate project. Furthermore, the Mariupol resident asked to extend the rental of a hairdresser. He was promised to solve his issues.

‘Mariupol creates conditions for business development. We always support our residents, who take responsibility and conduct business,’
Vadim Boichenko stressed.

During the reception, a number of other issues of residents were considered. Each of the residents received an answer with specific deadlines and a plan for completing tasks.

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