Vadim Boichenko greets military men with the Defender’s Day

11 October 2019, 18:36

The celebrations have begun on the Day of Defender of Ukraine in Mariupol. Thus, a gala concert was held for the military personnel. Mayor Vadim Boichenko congratulated all the present on the occasion. He handed over military awards of the Mayor ‘For merits to the city’, monetary certificates and certificates of acknowledgement.

‘We celebrate the feast of true heroes and patriots of our country! A holiday of people who keep our peace and quiet. Which are a symbol of strength and courage and an example for future generations,’
Vadim Boichenko noted.

During the holiday, the Mayor of Mariupol gave five service members ‘The Certificates of Merit for the city’ and monetary certificates in the amount of UAH 25 000. Besides, the defenders handed certificates to the Mayor.

The leaders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Police and the presidents of local universities greeted the defenders.

The orchestra of the National Guard of Ukraine of the military unit number 3057 and creative bands performed for everybody who was present.

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