French company develops the reconstruction project of the part of the esplanade

16 October 2019, 17:10

The French company Betten, led by its president Jean Roche, has had a working visit to Mariupol. The goal is to study the coastal zones of the Sea of ​​Azov in Primorskiy and Levoberezhnyi districts. The municipality, the world-famous architect, the resident of Mariupol Victor Zotov and the Betten company will develop a project for the reconstruction of the part of the embankment.

During the meeting, the Mayor Vadim Boichenko appreciated the guests for their help in the development of the sea area of Mariupol. According to the Mayor, during a visit of the cities of France, Betten offered the best expertise for implementing waterfront modernization projects.

‘Mariupol residents are concerned about the quality of water supply, leisure activities on city beaches, the development of parks and squares. We are rebuilding the city, filling it with new meanings. Therefore, reconstruction of the embankment is an important project that must be implemented. The inhabitants are waiting for it,’
Vadim Boichenko stressed.

The president of Betten company said that this is the first visit of French specialists to Mariupol in this direction. The experts came to the city to help study all the aspects for the implementation of the project in details. He added that the administrative council of the participants of the Rivage de France association decided to cooperate with Mariupol. Betten is also negotiating on the participation of the city in projects for the exchange of experience in the field of solid waste processing.

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