Mariupol is preparing to confirm its title of ‘Great Cultural Capital of Ukraine’!

07 May 2021, 17:40

11 large-scale cultural and entertainment events are designed to tell about our city throughout the country. An official presentation took place today. These are festivals on historical, musical and even gastronomic themes, residences, exhibitions and performances.

The presentation was given by Mayor of Mariupol Vadym Boichenko and deputy mayor Olexander Kochurin. Vlad Troitsky, the founder of the StartUp GOGOLFEST festival, Olexander Ryaboy, the regional director of the USAID Democratic Governance in Eastern Europe project, and Tatiana Lishnevets, a representative of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, joined the event online.

All projects will be implemented during 2021. The main concept is "Dialogue" between generations, cities, countries and people in general. 80 cultural figures, artists and experts of national and international levels will work on its implementation. Projects are funded from several sources: the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, Mariupol Development Fund, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the city budget. The general fund is more than UAH 30 million.

‘We have chosen" Dialogue "- what is important for Mariupol and the country. Quality content helped us win, by passing Kiev, the Dnieper and other major cities. Due to the victory, a new opportunity opens up for the whole of Ukraine to see how strong, smart, inspiring the city of Mariupol is, which is designed to become a showcase for the restored Ukrainian Donbass,’ Vadym Boichenko stressed.

Thus, on May 15 the free festival "Night of Museums" will start. He will lead the route of memories and collective memory. From March 28 to May 30, the StartUp GOGOLFEST festival, already known far beyond Ukraine, will take place. The organizers will present a special production "The Road Home". The venue will be Mariupol-Donetsk highway.

‘GOGOLFEST will allow you to attend unique creative events - theatrical performances, day and night musical performances, educational meetings and art exhibitions,’ director Vladyslav Troitsky said.

During the MRPL city festival and Mariupol Classic, Mariupol will turn into a real music town. Stars of modern and academic music will perform, opera and ballet productions will take place.

Famous Ukrainian and European artists will hold a marathon of international residences in Mariupol. They will present unique theatrical projects and performances.

A park of concrete sculptures will also be opened in the city. As part of the children's festival "Dream Space". The festival of regional cuisine Goby Fest will take place on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov. The year will end with a festival of generations.

The organizers decided to go beyond and not only invite guests to Mariupol, but also to bring a piece of it to all Ukrainians. The stylized sea freight container will go on a journey. He will stay in different cities. After visiting it, you can hear the rustle of the sea, see the art exhibits and learn a lot of interesting things about Mariupol and its amazing history.